Vivo V17 Pattern Unlock: Detailed Guide on How To Fix Pattern Lock Issue

So, here you go with the result-oriented easy guide on how to fix the Vivo V17 pattern lock issue. It’s simple and easy. Just go through this whole article and you will find the easy guide. Carefully, follow the steps mentioned in the guide and you are successfully done with Vivo V17 pattern unlock.

What is Pattern Lock and How To Fix Vivo V17 Pattern Lock Issue?

Vivo V17

Pattern lock is the common issue, almost many of the users faces. It’s quite normal to forget the activated pattern you have set on your smartphone. Many of the Android smartphone, you can find easy alternative way to cope with pattern locked issue.

But, in case of Vivo smartphone. It’s quite different. If you forget the pattern set on your particular Vivo smartphone, then you will have to go through a long process.

There are many processes by which you can fix this pattern lock issue. But, it get quite messy. Specially, for those users who have no enough technical knowledge to engage with these kind of messy situations.

According to the particular scenario, the guide we are providing is completely based on easy process. It’s an easy solution for all the users out there. The users with no knowledge can get an easy solution in order to fix Vivo V17 pattern lock.

So for the users with a technical background can save their time by following this easy guide. It’s a 100% guaranteed practical guide and you will find it quite easy and helpful. You will get your Vivo V17 pattern to unlock in just a few steps.

About This Guide To Unlock Vivo V17 Pattern Lock

  • Easy guide to follow.
  • 100% Authentic.
  • No technical knowledge required.
  • Result oriented.

Now, below is the guide that you will need to follow carefully in order to unlock the pattern lock on your Vivo V17.

Vivo V17

Guide on How To Unlock Vivo V17 Pattern: Easy Steps

Step 1: Starting with grabbing another Android smartphone in hand. You can take any smartphone like Samsung Galaxy J5, J7, etc. Or it might of other brand but it should be an Android smartphone. Note: Your Vivo V17 should be ON and in running state.

Step 2: Continuing with Galaxy J7, open the browser and search “Find My Device” in Google. As simple, click on “Find my device-Google” and you will be directed to “Find my device” interface on Google.

Step 3: Getting in deep, In “Find my device” interface tap on “Sign-In As Guest” Option at the bottom.

Step 4: For credentials, it will ask your “Email” that is attached to your Vivo V17. Here, you will type the exact “Email”. The one you have given to your Vivo V17.

Step 5: Proceeding with the Email, now click on “Next” button and type in the exact “password” for your email. Finally, tap on “Next”.

Step 6: It will start the further processing for finding your Vivo V17 exact location including other metrics like “battery percentage”, “Model Number”, “Networks”, etc. It will take a bit, so wait for a while.

Step 7: Once the process ends, you will be able to see your Vivo V17 location and other metrics exactly on the Google maps like interface. You can also play with some of the metrics for confirmation purposes.

Step 8: For example, if you tap on the “play sound” button, you will see your Vivo V17 responds to that action in the form of ringing. Whatever ringtone you have set on your Vivo V17 will play around.

Step 9: Now, here you go, it’s time to unlock your Vivo V17. Tap on the “Erase Device” option. It will let you take to the Erase interface, where again tap on the “Erase Device” button once you read the disclaimer.

Step 10: At the moment, it will take you to “Confirm your identity” windows. Tap on the “Next” button as simple. It will again ask the “Password” for your account, type in and proceed with “Next”.

Step 11: For successful ending, follow the on-screen instructions and a new pop-up will appear where it will ask you to “Permanently Erase?”. For confirmation, tap on “Erase” option.

Step 12: Now, the processing will start on your Vivo V17. It will reboot. Once it boots up again, you will see the “Vivo” logo and “Clear Data…. Do not use your Phone” message along with the processing bar.

Step 13: Be patient, let it take time. When the processing completes, you will see your Vivo V17 pattern is unlocked now.

Step 14: Now, setup your device from the beginning as you were to set it up when you first unbox it.

Step 15: Follow the on-screen instructions and you are good to go.

Note: After syncing your smartphone with your Gmail account with restore all the data that has been erased from your Vivo V17 currently.

That’s you have successfully unlocked your Vivo V17 pattern. Enjoy !!!

About Vivo V17

Vivo V17 made its entry in the market in early 2019 November. As for the display, the phone comes in a dew drop design featuring 6.44 inches screen. It supports 1080×2400 pixels resolution.

Moreover, It runs on Android 9.0 (Pie) with Funtouch OS 9.2. As far as the performance is concerned, It includes Octa-Core processor. Similarly for storage, Vivo V17 offers two variants starting from 128 GB with 8 GB RAM or 256 GB with 8 GB RAM.

Do have a micro-SD card slot for additional storage. Additionally, the camera of the phone features Quad 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP primary camera with LED flash including features. For selfies, it offers 32MP secondary lens.

Vivo V17 includes a battery with a power of Li-Po 4500 mAh. So for the colors, The phone is officially available in Admiral Blue, Glacier Ice White, and Midnight Ocean Black.

Also, if you want to unlock the pattern on your Vivo V15 Pro, simply click on the link.

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