Vivo V15 Pro Pattern Unlock:[Practical Guide]

If you are the user with the Vivo V15 Pro Pattern lock issue, then here you go. Warmly welcome to this post. I 100% assure you, that we will make your Vivo V15 Pro pattern unlock easily and authentically. You will also wonder after implementing the mentioned trick in this post to pattern unlock your Vivo V15 Pro.

Vivo V15 Pro Pattern Unlock: MRT/UMT [Not Recommended!!!]

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This is an ultimate practical guide in which you will learn how to easily get rid of the Vivo V15 Pro pattern Unlock issue without using MRT and UMT software. The best part of this guide is that you are not going to mess with your phone hardware.

I think the hardware is the most sensitive part where one needs to be technically expert. Unlike MRT and UMT software that requires the ISP tested pinouts unlocked to erase FRP and pattern unlock. The unlocking of ISP tested pinouts is the most difficult and time-consuming part.

Vivo Pattern Lock Issue Reported by Users

We have strong research on that. We came to know that there is no such valid information regarding this issue on many forums. Like the one GSM-forum regarding the Vivo V15 pro pattern unlock issue.

Besides this, using UMT and MRT for Vivo V15 Pro pattern unlock is not the 100% authentic and easy solution. But I might also add that Vivo V15 Pro pattern unlocks using MRT and UMT software is the hard way and at the end not the result-oriented for most of the users.

vivo v15 pro pattern unlock

100% Guaranteed Easy Solution To Unlock Pattern on Vivo V15 Pro

Why to choose the tough and hard way of using UMT and MRT software for pattern unlocking that requires dealing with hardware and software both. When we have an easy solution that only requires one built-in Android app and you are done with unlocking your Vivo V15 Pro.

But now you are here, we promise you that we will deliver you the best solution through easy and result oriented steps. This guide is as simple as for novice and any user by implementing the below steps can easily pattern unlock your Vivo V15 Pro smartphone.

Why Should Follow This Easy Guide?

  • It’s without using MRT and UMT software.
  • Easy to follow steps.
  • No hardware involvement.
  • Everyone can implement this.
  • 100% recommended.
  • Instant solution.
  • Result Oriented.
  • No Data loss.

Now, let’s head over to the main area of this post. It’s time to follow the below guide for which you are here.

Guide on How To Unlock Vivo V15 Pro Pattern Lock: Using “Find my Device” 100% Authentic

Let’s get started! The only thing you need is to carefully follow the below steps in order to stay away from any kind of a mess.

Step 1: Starting with grabbing another Android smartphone in hand. You can take any smartphone like Samsung Galaxy J5, J7, etc. Or it might of other brand but it should be an Android smartphone. Note: Your Vivo V15 Pro should be ON and in running state.

Step 2: Continuing with Galaxy J7, open the browser and search “Find My Device” in Google. As simple, click on “Find my device-Google” and you will be directed to “Find my device” interface on Google.

Step 3: Getting in deep, In “Find my device” interface tap on “Sign-In As Guest” Option at the bottom.

Step 4: For credentials, it will ask your “Email” that is attached with your Vivo V15 Pro. Here, you will type the exact “Email”. The one you have given to your Vivo V15 Pro.

Step 5: Proceeding with the Email, now click on “Next” button and type in the exact “password” for your email. Finally, tap on “Next”.

Step 6: It will start the further processing for finding your Vivo V15 Pro exact location including other metrics like “battery percentage”, “Model Number”, “Networks”, etc. It will take a bit, so wait for a while.

Step 7: Once the process ends, you will be able to see your Vivo V15 Pro location and other metrics exactly on Google maps like interface. You can also play with some of metrics for confirmation purpose.

Step 8: For example, if you tap on “play sound” button, you will see your Vivo V15 Pro responds to that action in the form of ringing. Whatever, ringtone you have set on your Vivo V15 Pro will play around.

Step 9: Now, here you go, it’s time to unlock your Vivo V15 Pro. Tap on the “Erase Device” option. It will let you take to the Erase interface, where again tap on the “Erase Device” button once you read the disclaimer.

Step 10: At the moment, it will take you to “Confirm your identity” windows. Tap on the “Next” button as simple. It will again ask the “Password” for your account, type in and proceed with “Next”.

Step 11: For successful ending, follow the on-screen instructions and a new pop-up will appear where it will ask you to “Permanently Erase?”. For confirmation, tap on “Erase” option.

Step 12: Now, the processing will start on your Vivo V15 Pro. It will reboot. Once it boots up again, you will see the “Vivo” logo and “Clear Data…. Do not use your Phone” message along with processing bar.

Step 13: Be patient, let it take time. When the processing completes, you will see your Vivo V15 Pro pattern is unlocked now.

Step 14: Now, setup your device from the beginning as you were to set it up when you first unbox it.

Step 15: Follow the on-screen instructions and you are good to go.

Note: After syncing your smartphone with your Gmail account with restore all the data that has been erased from your Vivo V15 Pro currently.

Finally, You have successfully unlocked the pattern lock on your Vivo V15 Pro with easy steps without any mess.

About Vivo V15 Pro

Vivo V15 pro pattern unlock

Vivo V15 Pro was officially released in 2019 March with dual sim mechanism. As for display, the phone has got 6.39 inches screen supporting the resolution of 1080×2340 pixels.

The version of software running on it is Android 9.0 (Pie) with Funtouch 9. Related to processor, Vivo V15 Pro includes Octa-Core processor.

Regarding the internal storage, it includes two variants of 128 GB with 6 GB RAM or 128 GB with 6 GB RAM. It also contains a dedicated slot for micro-SD card claiming additional storage.

For the camera, it offers triple 48MP + 8MP + 5MP primary camera with LED flash including features. The advanced feature has been introduced by it regarding selfie camera, featuring motorized pop-up 32MP secondary lens.

So, for the sensors, Vivo V15 Pro offers accelerometer, fingerprint sensor, proximity, gyro and compass. The battery power specs includes Li-Ion 3700 mAh and comes in three awesome colors that are Topaz Blue, Coral Red and Ruby Red.

Vivo V15 Pro price fluctuates in different countries around the World.

Also, if you want to flash the latest firmware flash file on your Vivo V15 Pro, then click on the link to download and install it.

Hope so, you liked this post and got the best and easy solution for your query Vivo V15 Pro pattern to unlock. Thanks, and Enjoy!!!.

If you have any question related to that post, then let us know in the comment section.

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