Vivo Android 11 (Funtouch OS 11) Update List [Latest News]

If you want to know about your particular Vivo smartphone model Android 11 update status, then this article will help you a lot.

By reading this article, you will get to know about all the Vivo devices that support the Android 11 version. Android 11 is the major update of Android and since it has been released, every Android user is in wait to receive it.

But first of all, you should check the status of your particular smartphone model that it supports Android 11 or not.

Therefore, here we will show you the list of all the Vivo devices that supports Android 11. Search for your Vivo smartphone in the list and if it is available, then you are lucky and can wait for the latest Android 11 update.

List of Vivo Devices Supporting Android 11: Latest Updated News


Following is the list of Vivo devices that will support Android 11. Go through the list completely in order to confirm your Vivo smartphone Android update status.

Device NameFunTouch OS 11 Android 11 Update (Status)
Vivo V15 ProConfirmed
Vivo V15Confirmed
Vivo iQOOConfirmed
Vivo NEX Dual DisplayConfirmed
Vivo NEX AConfirmed
Vivo Z1xConfirmed
Vivo X27Confirmed
Vivo S1 (China)Confirmed
Vivo X27 ProConfirmed
Vivo Y12Confirmed
Vivo Y15Confirmed
Vivo Y17Confirmed
Vivo Z3xConfirmed
Vivo S1 Pro (China)Confirmed
Vivo Z5xConfirmed
Vivo iQOO NeoConfirmed
Vivo iQOO ProConfirmed
Vivo iQOO Pro 5GConfirmed
Vivo NEX 3Confirmed
Vivo V17 ProConfirmed
Vivo NEX 3 5GConfirmed
Vivo Y3Confirmed
Vivo U10Confirmed
Vivo U3Confirmed
Vivo Y11 (2019)Confirmed
Vivo iQOO Neo 855Confirmed
Vivo Y19Confirmed
Vivo Y5sConfirmed
Vivo Y3 StandardConfirmed
Vivo U20Confirmed
Vivo S5Confirmed
Vivo S1 ProConfirmed
Vivo V17 (Russia)Confirmed
Vivo Z5iConfirmed
Vivo Y9sConfirmed
Vivo iQOO Neo 855 RacingConfirmed
Vivo V17Confirmed
Vivo X30Confirmed
Vivo X30 ProConfirmed
Vivo iQOO 3 (4G & 5G)Confirmed
Vivo Z6 5GConfirmed
Vivo V19 (Indonesia)Confirmed
Vivo NEX 3S 5GConfirmed

Note: Fluctuation might also occur in the list of supported Vivo devices for the Android 11 version. Some other devices could also be included or some of the existing ones could be dropped.

But for now, above is the list of Vivo devices that might get the official Android 11 update.

Not Supported Devices

Device NameFunTouch OS 11 Android 11 Update (Status)
Vivo X9s PlusNot Eligible
Vivo X9sNot Eligible
Vivo Y69Not Eligible
Vivo Y65Not Eligible
Vivo V7 PlusNot Eligible
Vivo X20Not Eligible
Vivo X20 Plus UDNot Eligible
Vivo x20 PlusNot Eligible
Vivo V7Not Eligible
Vivo X21Not Eligible
Vivo X21 UDNot Eligible
Vivo V9Not Eligible
Vivo V9 YouthNot Eligible
Vivo Y71Not Eligible
Vivo X21iNot Eligible
Vivo Y81Not Eligible
Vivo Y83Not Eligible
Vivo Z1Not Eligible
Vivo NEX SNot Eligible
Vivo Z1iNot Eligible
Vivo V9 (6 GB)Not Eligible
Vivo Y83 ProNot Eligible
Vivo V11 (V11 Pro)Not Eligible
Vivo X23Not Eligible
Vivo Y97Not Eligible
Vivo V11iNot Eligible
Vivo Y71iNot Eligible
Vivo Z3iNot Eligible
Vivo Z3Not Eligible
Vivo Y81iNot Eligible
Vivo Y91Not Eligible
Vivo Y91i (India)Not Eligible
Vivo Y93Not Eligible
Vivo Y91iNot Eligible
Vivo Z1 LiteNot Eligible
Vivo Y95Not Eligible
Vivo Y93sNot Eligible
Vivo Y93Not Eligible
Vivo Y89Not Eligible
Vivo Y90Not Eligible

Features Of Android 11

Android 11 has got plenty of features that are loaded with exciting functionalities. The old features are being replaced or somehow customized with better functionalities that it can’t be recognized as used before.


Notification Conversation & History

Early in Android 10, we have noticed and observed that notification get prioritized automatically. Like, when you are being notified by different apps one after the other, automatically the other older notifications drop to the bottom. Therefore, It is also possible that the older notification at down and invisible could be more important than notification at the top.

But, In Android 11 you can get more out if it. You can prioritize the chat and conservation accordingly. The notifications now comes in three categories that are Conversations, Alerting, and Silent.

Notification History

By accidentally, if you pull any of the notification from the notification panel, then don’t worry about that. As with Android 11, you can get the recorded history of all notifications and can get the recent notification from the history that is being pulled by you unconsciously.

Bubble Chat Feature

Now, you can enjoy the latest Bubble chat feature with Android 11 without directing you the main chat windows of all the apps. For example, if you are playing game or watching videos and suddenly message appears, then it should be appear as a small bubble on the screen that will not distract you from current situation.

Likewise, you are experiencing it in messenger, when you tap on the bubble, the main chat windows opens and expand and after getting done with it, you can minimize or disclose the bubble icon.

In Android 11, same features is being added but for all the other apps also that means you can enjoy the bubble chat on all of them.

Screen Recorder

The screen recorder in Android 11 brings more functions. Now, you can just tab the screen recorder icon at the quick settings.

Furthermore, you can also adjust different settings regarding screen recording. Like, when should the audio be recorded at the screen recording Or if you don’t need the audio to be recorded, then you can disable it too.

Media Control

In Android 11, the media control place is located in the quick settings menu. When you play the music, you will no longer be able to see the music notification at the notification place like in Android 10, you were.

Rather, Android 11 adjust the music control interface in the notification drawer. When you swipe down the notification drawer, you will be able to see the music control interface that is quite small. From there, you can control the music playing on your smartphone.

Smart Device Control

That one feature is one of the core feature for those users that want to get access of all their devices from their smartphone. So, now Android 11 brings such an exciting feature named as Smart Device control that allows the user to get control of their devices located at homes or offices.

To use that feature, simply hold down the power button in order to launch the new tool. Now, here you will see the “Power”, “restart” and “Emergency” at the top of the screen. Under that, you will also see Google pay button that mentions “Add a payment method”.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see different buttons stating the devices that are connected to your smartphone. By default it will be showing six devices, but it also allow you to add or remove your devices.

Dark Mode Scheduling

Dark Mode was first officially released in Android 10. It was one of the most awesome feature that contribute to the eye comfort especially for the users that are much involved in using the smarphone.

But, Android 11 bring this feature with a lot more customization. This includes scheduling the dark mode activation. Like user can set the schedule or timer for the dark mode activation.

You can make custom changes to this features. You can set it as when the sun sets off, the dark mode should be activated and once the sun rises, it should be deactivated.

Security Permissions & Auto-Reset

In previous version of Android, you will have noticed that when you install the app for the first time on your smartphone. It will ask you to grant the permission in order to use that app.

On the other hand, Android 11 hold this feature with a strong control by allowing you to grant permission to a particular for a specific session or time frame.

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