How To Unlock The Bootloader on Vivo Smartphones

Well, if you are here to get knowledge and the full fledge process in order to unlock the bootloader on Vivo devices, then this ultimate guide could lighten up the way for you.

In this article, you will simply learn how to unlock the bootloader. unlocking the bootloader opens up ways to explore many things outside the box. Therefore, you should also get the opportunity to root your Vivo smartphones.

The game just begins from here, when you unlock the bootloader. After that, you will be able to root your device and so on installing the custom ROMs.

It provides endless opportunities to meet your needs. Before proceeding you must take a look at the Pros and Cons of unlocking bootloaders.

About Bootloader

A bootloader is a software or a set of instructions that are developed by the manufacturer. The purpose of the bootloader is to run whenever the phone boots up.

It is associated with the smartphone Kernel and is locked which means the smartphone is protected and running on the official stock ROM.

Pros Of Unlocking The Bootloader

  • It allows you to root your device.
  • You can also flash the custom ROMs on your smartphone.
  • Moreover, you can add extra tweaks to your smartphone.
  • Can customize your smartphone accordingly.
  • Your smartphone will be under the complete authority of yours.

Cons of Unlocking The Bootloader

  • The warranty of your smartphone would be void.
  • Furthermore, you will be responsible for any damage that happens.
  • If any wrong steps are taken mistakenly, your smartphone might get brick.
  • The official credibility of your particular smartphone will be lost.
  • You will no longer be able to update your smartphone to the latest official Android version.

How To Unlock The Bootloader on Vivo

unlock bootloader on vivo

Before, you step into the process of unlocking the bootloader on your Vivo smartphones, you must follow the pre-requisites first:


  • Make a complete backup of your important data.
  • Further, enable USB debugging on your smartphone. In order to do that, enable the developer options. Go to “Settings-> About phone-> Now, tap on the build number several times until you see the pop-up “Developer option has been enabled”.
  • Now, go to the settings->system-> developer option and enable the “USB Debugging” option.
  • For unlocking the bootloader, you must also enable “OEM Unlocking” in developer options windows.
  • ADB and Fastboot tools. For executing ADB and fastboot commands, you should download it.

Follow The Steps Below to Unlock The Bootloader

Consider these steps as the most important ones, so be careful in following:

Step 1: At the beginning, you must connect your smartphone to a computer via original cable.

Step 2: Now, head over to the folder where you have installed the Android SDK and Platform tools.

Step 3: Once, you are in the folder, right click anywhere while holding the shift key and then select the option “Open Powershell Window here” or “Open command Windows here”.

Step 4: In command Windows, type in with the following command in order to boot into bootloader or fastboot mode:

adb reboot bootloader

Step 5: After when your smartphone enters into bootloader fastboot mode, now type the following code and then press enter to execute. The below command will also remove all the data available on your smartphone:

fastboot bbk unlock_vivo

step 6: You will also be asked to provide a permission in order to unlock the bootloader on your smartphone. Tap with “yes” to confirm.

Step 7: Now, type the following command in order to reboot your smartphone after unlocking the bootloader:

fastboot reboot

Finally, that’s done with unlocking the bootloader on the Vivo smartphone. Now, you can also root your device and install the custom ROMs.

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